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Residency for Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

Portugal offers a diverse array of visas to accommodate the needs of different individuals seeking to live, work, or invest in the country. Each visa type has its own set of requirements, application processes, and durations. Below is an overview of the main Portuguese visa categories.

D1 Visa: Work Visa

For: Individuals with a job offer in Portugal.

Process: Apply with a job contract, proof of accommodation, and other documents.

Requirements: Employment contract, housing, financial means, health insurance, clean criminal record.

Duration: 4 months initially, extendable upon obtaining a residence permit.

Cost: Varies by consulate.

D2 Visa: Freelancer/Entrepreneur Visa

For: Entrepreneurs and freelancers starting a business in Portugal.

Process: Submit a business plan and proof of financial means.

Requirements: Viable business plan, financial stability.

Duration: 1 year, renewable with ongoing business activity.

Cost: Subject to change; consult the local consulate.

D3 Visa: Highly Qualified Professionals Visa

For: Skilled professionals with specialized expertise.

Process: Present an employment contract and qualifications.

Requirements: Advanced degrees or specialized skills, job contract.

Duration: 2 years, can lead to EU Blue Card.

Cost: Check with the Portuguese consulate.

D4 Visa: Education Visa

For: Students enrolled in Portuguese educational institutions.

Process: Apply with an acceptance letter and financial proof.

Requirements: Enrollment confirmation, financial means, health insurance.

Duration: Matches study period, usually 1 year, renewable.

Cost: Inquire at the Portuguese embassy.

D5 Visa: Higher Education Mobility Visa

For: Students in exchange programs or transferring to Portugal.

Process: Provide proof of enrollment in a Portuguese institution.

Requirements: Enrollment evidence, financial support, valid passport.

Duration: Corresponds with the study program.

Cost: Varies; contact the consulate.

D6 Visa: Family Reunification Visa

For: Relatives of legal residents in Portugal.

Process: Resident applies on behalf of family members.

Requirements: Proof of relationship, financial support, housing.

Duration: Same as the resident’s permit, usually 2 years, renewable.

Cost: Consult the embassy for rates.

D7 Visa: Passive Income Visa

For: Individuals with a stable passive income.

Process: Show proof of income, accommodation, and health insurance.

Requirements: Sufficient passive income, clean criminal record.

Duration: 4 months initially, extendable to 2 years.

Cost: Check with the local consulate.

D8 Visa: Digital Nomad Visa

For: Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens who work remotely and earn a stable income.

Application: Requires proof of remote work and income.

Requirements: Monthly income of at least €3,280, proof of remote employment, health insurance.

Validity: 24 months initially, then renewable for 36 months, totaling five years.

Cost: Varies; consult the local consulate for the latest fees.

D9 Visa: Golden Visa

For: Non-EEA nationals making a significant investment in Portugal.

Application: Made with proof of investment.

Requirements: Minimum investment amount, clean criminal record.

Validity: Typically 1 year, renewable with continued investment.

Cost: Consult the embassy for detailed costs.


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