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Our personal reccomendations


Greek-Styled T2 House in Funchal

Two Floors, with a bedroom on each floor, two kitchens, two bathrooms, two living and dining rooms ...

House and Land for Rehabilitation

This property in a beautiful surrounding requires rehabilitation to become your dream home or your next business in Madeira. Golden Visa investment.

T1 in Machico

Fully renovated 1 bedroom apartment, 1 minute walk from the ocean.

Whether you are looking for a property to buy or rent, or prepare your home for moving in or sale, we have a team ready to help you. You can also advertise your property for sale or rent on our website and social media platforms.  

Below is our featured listing of homes advertised by our community members.


T4+1 Villa in Sao Gonçalo, Funchal

4-bedroom House in a prime location with a fantastic view of the ocean and the bay of Funchal.

T1 in Caniço de Baixo

A luxurious one bedroom apartment near the beach, many amenities with views of the ocean.

T2 in Pillar, Funchal

2-bedroom apartment, with a view of the ocean, in Funchal

T4 in Caniço de Baixo

A luxury four-bedroom apartment with ocean views, access to the beach and seaside amenities.

T4 in Funchal

4-bedroom apartment, with a panoramic view of the ocean and the Island.

One-Bedroom Apartment with a Patio in Garajao

 in Center of Garajao close to stores, restaurant, highway and the beach.

T2 in Machico

Fully renovated 2 bedroom apartment, 1 minute walk from the ocean.

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