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It is definitely a rewarding experience for most of us to be able to live on this beautiful island and enjoy the wonderful nature, climate, food, and friendly and peaceful environment.  But being an ex-pat has its own challenges. Visiting as a tourist is a very different experience than living on the island. Being an expatriate in a new environment requires a mental re-adjustment in order to be able to meet the demands of our new life, which is based on new rules to which we must adapt.   


Fortunately, in Madeira, we don’t face many of the difficult challenges that some Expats may face in other countries such as loneliness & difficulty socializing,  safety and security issues,  lack of housing, prejudices, and so on. Nonetheless, we need to learn cultural nuances, customs, mannerisms, and expectations. We face challenges such as the language barriers, the Relocation process, sorting out healthcare, banking, immigration questions,  and overall bureaucracy.  As an outsider in a foreign land, these things can be difficult to understand and handle.


Helping helps!


It is important to educate oneself and prepare well before moving to a new country. But once in the new place,  helping others and asking for help is a good way to improve the expat-life-experience and make it easier and more pleasant.


It is for this reason that we have built this group!  Madeira Relocation & Expat Services (MadRES)  was created to help and ask for help! We reach out to consulting specialists as well as volunteers who are capable and willing to offer their time, expertise, knowledge, and best practices to empower the community we live in and the people we serve.


We consult experts and gather useful information to share. We also filter providers of goods and services and offer recommendations to whoever needs those services  - These recommendations are solely based on quality, reliability, and accountability and not on any monetary reward or incentive.


The purpose of this group is not to make a profit or charge huge sums for services. As much as possible, we provide information and recommendations for no charge. If however, we have to hire other experts and workers that charge for their time, we will ask for fees to cover the cost.


If you would like to contribute to this service by sharing any useful information that you have gathered, or recommending reliable service providers, or even offering your own expertise and time, please contact us. This group is all about offering and receiving help!


Our mission is to empower the community in which we live, and to give the people we serve a better chance of integration in their new home, while they step outside of their comfort zone to embrace this new home and make it a wonderful experience.


Welcome To Madeira!

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