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Living on this beautiful island, with its stunning nature, pleasant climate, delicious food, and friendly, peaceful environment, is indeed a rewarding experience for many of us. However, being an expat comes with its unique set of challenges. The experience of visiting as a tourist differs greatly from the experience of living on the island. Adapting to a new environment as a foreigner requires mental readjustment to meet the demands of our new life, which is governed by new rules.

Fortunately, in Madeira, we don’t encounter as many difficulties as expats might face in other countries, such as isolation, socializing issues, safety and security concerns, limited housing options, prejudices, and more. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand the cultural nuances, customs, mannerisms, and expectations. We grapple with challenges like language barriers, the relocation process, healthcare and insurance arrangements, banking, immigration queries, and overall bureaucracy. Navigating these aspects as an outsider in a foreign land can be tough.

It’s essential to educate oneself and prepare adequately before moving to a new country. Once you’ve arrived at your new destination, offering help to others and seeking help can significantly enhance the expat-life experience, making it more enjoyable and manageable.

This is precisely why we established Madeira Relocation & Expat Services (MadRES). It was specifically designed to offer assistance and seek help. We connect with consulting specialists and volunteers who are willing and able to dedicate their time, expertise, knowledge, and best practices to empower the community we inhabit and the people we serve.

We consult with experts and compile useful, practical information to share. We also vet providers of goods and services and provide recommendations to those seeking such services. These recommendations are based solely on quality, reliability, and accountability, not on any monetary reward or incentive.

The aim of this group is not to profit or charge exorbitant fees for services. We strive to provide information and recommendations free of charge whenever possible. However, if we need to hire other experts and workers who charge for their time, we will request fees to cover the cost.

If you’d like to contribute to this service by sharing any useful information you’ve gathered, recommending reliable service providers, or even offering your own expertise and time, please get in touch with us. This group is all about giving and receiving help.

Our mission is to empower the community we live in and provide the people we serve with a better chance of integrating into their new home. As they step outside their comfort zone to embrace this new home, we aim to make the experience wonderful.


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