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Mailing Documents to and from Madeira: What You Need to Know

shipping and mailing in Madeira Portugal
Mailing Documents To and From Madeira

If you are going to mail documents to and from Madeira during your visa applications and other preparations, you will need to know about the way mail works in Madeira. You have two options: the postal service or the courier companies.

The postal service in Madeira is operated by CTT (Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones), the national postal operator of Portugal. You can easily find post offices in most towns and villages, as well as mailboxes on the streets. You can buy stamps, envelopes, and other postal products at the post offices or at some kiosks and newsstands. You can also use the CTT website to track your mail, calculate postage, and request other relevant services.

If you are sending mail to Madeira using the postal system, you must make sure to write the receiver’s address correctly, otherwise you will cause delays or losses. Writing an address correctly is not difficult, but it requires some attention and care. Here are some tips to help you:

  • If the receiver is a company, they often display their full address on their website or in their communication. So you can just copy the address. However, if the zip code is missing, make sure to find the right zip code by asking them. The zip codes in Madeira are made up of four numbers, a dash, and three numbers. For example, 9060-406.  To search for the zip code online, you can type “codigo postal” and the street address with the house number in your browser.

  • If the receiver is a private person and lives in an apartment, you must include the name of the person, the name of the building, which floor the apartment is on, street name, and the zip code. For example:

Maria Sousa, 

Edif. Ocean Garden 

Apartment 8E 

Funchal 9060-406 

Madeira, Portugal

This address clearly indicates that the receiver is Maria Sousa, who lives in the building named Ocean Garden (Edifício means building) at apartment 8E, which means 8th floor left (E for Esquerda) in Funchal, at the specific given zip code.

  • Missing or wrong information can lead to losses and delays. So it is best to pay attention to the addressing of mail. You can also use the CTT website to verify the address and the zip code before sending your mail.

Writing an address correctly is a simple but important step to ensure that your mail reaches its destination safely and quickly. It can also save you from frustration and disappointment. So, next time you send mail to Madeira, remember these tips and write the address correctly.

The delivery time within Madeira or to mainland Portugal is usually one to three working days. However, the international delivery time can vary depending on the destination country and the type of service. In some cases, receiving mail from the same country, even within the EU, takes much longer than sending it.

If you are going to send an important or urgent document, you may want to use a courier service instead. This is obviously more expensive, but it offers faster delivery, insurance, and tracking services. You can choose from several courier companies in Madeira, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT.


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