Mediterranean Cottage

Two-story cottage with a one-bedroom apartment on each floor, patio, huge terrace with sea and farm view.
Location: Livramento, Funchal.
Status: reconstructed. / Furnished.
Features: Beautiful Greek-style cottage, sea, and city view, renovated, two separate apartments, large Terrace, 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 living rooms. Close to the Center of the city and to the highways.
Excellent for investment short or long-term rental, or holiday home. This house is registered by the City Hall as AL.(holiday rental)

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Price:   € 296,000.00  

A very unique and beautiful Greek-styled cottage with two separate one-bedroom apartments and a large terrace in Funchal - ready to move in. It is also ideal as an investment to rent as a holiday rental or long-term rent.

This Mediterranean Cottage consists of two floors, with a separate one-bedroom apartment on each floor. The entrance of the house opens to a short corridor through which you can either enter the upstairs apartment or the one downstairs. The upstairs apartment has a living room with double doors to the yard, a bedroom with double door to the yard and view of the ocean. There is a kitchen/dining room and a full bath with an electrical boiler on this floor. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, oven, air vent, and refrigerator. The downstairs apartment has beautiful old tiles on parts of the staircase and some walls. it has a living and dining area, a small kitchen, full bath and a bedroom. the kitchen is equipped with stove, oven,  air ventilator and a hot water boiler.


This house is an excellent home for you away from your home, but also a great investment opportunity. It is an ideal location for an Airbnb rental. There is a delightful small yard that goes around the house, with a water fountain and built-in benches to rest and enjoy. In addition, there is a large terrace (about 60 square meters) with a view of the ocean, furnished with decorative walls and artificial turf. The cottage does not own a garage but there is enough room for parking outside the house.

The fact that this cottage has two separate apartments makes it an ideal investment to use one and rent one, or rent them both for short-term holidays or long-term rental. At the same time, if you are moving to Funchal, the house gives you a comfortable and exotic oasis.

Property Features

  • Completely Renovated. 

  • New electric wiring.

  • New Plumbing.

  • 120 m² total, plus a Terrace of 60 m.

  • two living rooms

  • two bedrooms

  • two kitchens

  • two bathrooms

  • Equipments

2 Water heaters, 2 Stoves,

2 Ovens,

2 Kitchen vents, Refrigerator

  • Condition: Reconstructed.

  • Floor: 2

  • Energy efficiency rating:  E / (was rated before reconstruction which included new roof, new doors and windows.)