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Property in Machico for Rehabilitation

Property in Machico for Rehabilitation

Property in Machico for Rehabilitation

House on two floors for Rehabilitation as residential, or commercial property.
Location: Machico
Status: Needs renovation/reconstruction.
Features: Green areas surrounded by green mountain views, ocean views, good access, gardens,  potentially to have 5 units including four suites and a T1.
Excellent for Golden Visa Investment.

Price:   €276000.00 

You can turn this property into your dream home to welcome you to Madeira. Convert it into a holiday home, or a boutique hotel with five units, a garden, and a bar/cafe, and run a successful business, or a combination of both, and live in the main house and have rental units to create income.

This property which has 0.9 hectares of land and a two-story building, consists of the main floor with potentially four suites each with its own bathroom, a reception hall, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom.

On the lower floor where previously there was a bar, potentially a one bedroom suite with a bathroom and kitchenette can be builtt.  There are further rooms on the grounds that can be used for various purposes depending on how one would use the property. 

There are gardens on the property with flowers and fruit trees especially grapes, figs and others.

Property Features

  • Rehabilitation Property

  • 0,9 hectares (about 900 square meters) land

  • 200 m² building area

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